Altered Spells

More than a few spells have been altered by the Scourging or by the almighty power of Game Balance. Some of these can be returned to their default states if the players manage to undo these effects…

  • Something odd has happened to the planar fabric. Conjuration [summoning] spells still function as intended, but [calling] spells such as Planar Binding and Planar Ally frequently call the wrong creature or fail to bind it entirely. Occasionally the spell will pluck random innocents from the Material Plane in place of the called creature.
  • Any form of transportation that uses the ties between planes is unusable. Conjuration [teleportation] spells do not function.
  • Food or water created by magic appears normal but often hides some disease or toxin – or maybe just a humanoid bone buried somewhere inside. The brave or the starving may be willing to try it despite the magical taint…
  • Similarly, spells which shape matter – such as stone shape and fabricate – often leave the material damaged or structurally unsound. Occasionally alien glyphs appear on such material, leading some to conclude that a hostile presence has seized control of shaping magic itself.
  • The souls of the dead are frighteningly prone to remaining in their bodies. Animate dead and similar spells have a 5% chance to produce an intelligent – and free-willed – zombie or skeleton. This undead creature is usually driven insane rather quickly – such trapped souls generally attempt to kill any living creature in sight unless somehow controlled.
  • The dust filling the skies resists attempts at magical manipulation. Any spell which changes the weather or requires an unobstructed view of the sky or stars fails unless the dust has been removed from the area where the spell is cast or the caster makes a DC 25 caster level check.
  • Divination spells aimed at retrieving world-shaking information or viewing far-away areas are occasionally redirected. No one knows what hellish vistas are revealed by this mishap, but it must be something truly awful – casters take 1d4 Wisdom damage as their mind forces the images out. This phenomenon never occurs for simple or local divinations, such as determining which path to take at a forked road or seeing through a door. Some speculate that a malign intelligence intends to keep certain secrets away from mortal eyes…
  • Similarly, plants and the earth itself may also lie when subjected to spells such as speak with plants and stone tell. Perhaps the toxins in the earth are responsible. In any case, you can still use Sense Motive.
  • Awakened animals and trees have an alarming tendency to gradually descend into madness over their first few days of existence…
  • Polymorph and similar spells can only mimic creatures whose body part or blood the caster has on hand.
  • Rope trick does not function.
  • Raising the dead is no longer possible with known spells.
  • Mage’s Disjunction does not destroy magic items – it instead disables them for one minute per caster level. Should the item be hit by a second disjunction while disabled, it is destroyed as usual.
  • The infamously cheesy spells of 3.5 – spells like gate, shivering touch, friendly fire, etc. – are flat-out banned. The exact list is up for discussion, but if it leads to infinite loops, kills a Great Wyrm Red Dragon in one round, or otherwise stretches the limits of balance and/or sanity, you can assume it’s banned.

New Spells

Additional spells will go here as they are discovered.

In a world where ur-thieves stalk and deceive, traditional casters have developed several countermeasures. If your campaign includes psionics or similar non-core systems, it is strongly suggested that you develop equivalents to these spells.

Bard spells:

Brd1: Protection from Heists
Brd3: Protection from Heists, Greater
Seal Hand
Brd5: Heist Shield

Cleric spells:

Clr1: Protection from Heists
Clr4: Protection from Heists, Greater
Seal Hand
Clr6: Heist Shield
Clr9: Glyphsever

Paladin spells:

Pal1: Protection from Heists
Pal3: Protection from Heists, Greater
Seal Hand
Pal4: Heist Shield

Sorcerer/Wizard spells:

Sor/Wiz1: Protection from Heists
Sor/Wiz5: Protection from Heists, Greater
Seal Hand
Sor/Wiz7: Heist Shield
Sor/Wiz9: Glyphsever

Ur-Thief Heists


Steal Sense
Steal Spell
Steal Action
Steal Life
Steal Steel
Steal Appearance


Steal Memory
Steal Heart
Steal Active Spell
Steal Shape
Steal Appendage
Sleepwalk Heist


Swap Skill
Steal Feat
Steal Breath
Steal Magic Essence
Steal Belief
Steal Fame


Steal Future
Steal Soul
Steal Body
Reconstruct Mind
Steal Power
Swap Ability


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