Magic Items

Creating Magic Items

Gone are the days when an aspiring crafter could walk down to the town marketplace and pick up the eye of newt, amethyst gemstones, and tongue of a hanged murderer she might need to create an item. Until you rebuild civilization, the components of magic item crafting can no longer be abstracted away as costing x gold pieces – you’re going to have to find most of them yourself.

When a character desires to create a magic item, they must make a Knowledge check in some relevant field. This is usually Arcana, Nature, or Religion as appropriate to the character’s class, but (for example) creating an ooze-bane weapon might require Dungeoneering. The check’s DC varies by item cost. If the character succeeds, they can come up with a “shopping list” of rare components that reduce the cost of crafting the item by some percentage. Any of these could be the focus of an adventure – but it’s up to you to seek them out!

New Magic Items

Magic items which the heroes discover or design will be listed here.

Crystal Jars
Glyph Amulet


Some explorers report discovering strange magical items in the ruins of the old world: objects which were not enchanted by any known means. Their effects range from the helpful to the actively deadly, and many are objects that nobody in their right mind would enchant, such as a child’s doll or one wheel of a wagon. Collectively these items are known as remnants, as the common belief is that they were created by the Scourging itself, accidentally used as dumping grounds for some of the awesome energies unleashed. Remnants are unique and cannot be duplicated by any known process, but their abilities can be discovered in the usual way.

Remnants discovered so far include:
Literate Rope


Scepter of Destiny

Magic Items

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