Ritual Magic

The players have not yet discovered the secrets of ritual spellcasting, though they do have partial instructions for performing one specific ritual on hand. You do know the following about ritual magic:

  • A ritual requires multiple casters, usually many more than a typical adventuring party can provide. One character, referred to as the ritual master, leads the entire process.
  • Ritual casters generally must meet certain prerequisites. A ritual may include multiple roles, each with their own requirements.
  • The ritual must be centered around a specific magical structure known as a monolith. The ritual and its monolith are designed together, but occasionally a monolith can be modified to serve in a slightly different ritual.

Perhaps by digging up lost knowledge or locating a monolith and performing a ritual spell themselves, the heroes will learn more…

Your party currently has knowledge of the following rituals:

Cloud Transmutation (incomplete)

Ritual Magic

From Ashes Kentington